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Learning, growing and belonging – together, with Jesus at our side.

St Mary’s Hampton CE Primary school offers your child and your family a remarkable opportunity to join an inspirational new school which is establishing itself in the heart of its community. An experienced and highly qualified staff and governing body share a refreshing energy in leading the school forward to teach all our children to develop a love for learning and a zest for life which will confidently lead them into their adult years.

Our school occupies an enviable position near the river in Hampton with large and spacious grounds, and the building itself has been the subject of a major building programme in order that we offer the highest quality school premises fit for the purpose of 21st century education. The latest technology is utilised throughout the teaching and learning, whilst the school is underpinned by the foundation of solid traditional Christian values embodied within the Church of England; we welcome families of different faiths and of none, operating an open admissions policy, and teach a wide ranging curriculum to equip our children for the next stage of their education. Firmly based on the National Curriculum with a high priority on key skills of English, Maths and ICT, our intention is to provide a vibrant and creative curriculum with a specialism of Music and the Arts. This is well catered for, whilst the grounds provide ample opportunity for the development of sport, science and technology.

The wider community of St Mary’s church in Hampton is the source of the inspiration for our school, for it was their brave and radical response to the need for local school places for local children that was the driving force two years ago. The level of expertise, energy and vision continues to be second to none and has brought about our very happy and exciting school which opened in September 2013.

picture of St Mary's Hampton school building

We know that by providing a secure, stable and happy environment with clear expectations in standards of learning and in behaviour our children will continue to flourish and make strong foundations in both their achievements and in their friendships. We invite all of you to step into our school family in which each individual is known and valued. We take a great deal of time establishing positive relationships with new families through our induction procedures in order that your child may feel very welcome as a special member of our school family.

Please make an appointment to visit us or attend one of our open days if you would like to find out more. You are very welcome.

Mr Matt White

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