St Mary’s Hampton is a ‘Church of England Primary School’; the school is strongly linked to St Mary’s Church, Hampton.

Our ethos (or way of life) is distinctively Christian, as it is expressed in the Church of England. Christian principles shape how we build the school: our vision and values, our attitudes and ambitions.

Each day the school comes together in a Christian assembly (Collective Worship) and through the year we celebrate major Christian Festivals and seasons. As well as Christianity, we will teach the children about other World Faiths; they will learn to respect other religious (or non-religious) people and be well equipped to choose their own path as they enter their teens and adult life. From this position, we offer an experience of school life that is welcoming to families from any background and supports a good and rounded education for every child.

We frame our Christian ethos from the contents of this ancient prayer: May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, The love of God And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit Be with us all evermore. Amen

School Ethos

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